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TACCOM: Tactical and Competitive Shooting Sports Show

Venue & Location

September 6-8, 2024


Over 20,000 visitors including:

  • Firearms enthusiasts

  • Law enforcement personnel

  • Military members

  • Hunters and outdoor adventurers

  • Industry professionals


The International Centre
Toronto, ON - CANADA


Over 200 exhibitors including:

  • Firearms manufacturers

  • Tactical gear suppliers

  • Law enforcement equipment providers

  • Outdoor and survival gear companies

  • Shooting range and training facilities

What sets us apart is our ability to maximize every inch of space. By strategically dividing the 400 sq/ft area into three distinct sections, we created a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Within a single booth, our ingenious design included a captivating store face, a captivating showroom, and an order-taking/networking station. This innovative layout not only captivated visitors but also facilitated seamless interactions, driving sales and generating a tremendous number of valuable leads.

To replicate this success, we implemented the same compelling layout in the client's other exhibitions. By consistently delivering outstanding results, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in creating dynamic and versatile trade show booths.


At BoldBooths, we understand that your brand's success relies on a captivating presence and the ability to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. That's why we go above and beyond, combining our expertise with your unique vision to design booths that not only stand out but also create meaningful connections with potential customers.


At BoldBooths, we take pride in our exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled trade show booth experiences. Recently, we had the privilege of working with a prestigious client, where we designed and built three impressive 400 sq/ft booths, showcasing their brands at two major tradeshows in both Canada and the USA.


Timing was of the essence as these shows were back-to-back, with only a mere two days in between. However, our dedicated team at BoldBooths rose to the challenge, flawlessly executing the installation, dismantling, and coordination of all three booths. Our meticulous planning and efficient operation ensured a seamless experience for our clients, exceeding their expectations.

Partner with BoldBooths and experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that is passionate about bringing your brand to life. Let us transform your trade show experience into an unforgettable journey of success.

Activities and Highlights

  • Workshops and Seminars: Educational sessions on firearms safety, tactical training, and new technologies.

  • Live Demonstrations: Live fire demonstrations, tactical gear showcases, and product launches.

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and interact with industry leaders, professionals, and fellow enthusiasts.

  • Competitions: Shooting competitions and tactical skill contests.

Popular Features

  • Tactical training workshops saw a 20% increase in participation.

  • The new product launch segment had over 50 new products introduced.

Statistics from Previous Shows

2023 Attendance: Over 18,000 visitors
2023 Exhibitors: 190 exhibitors

2022 Attendance: Approximately 16,500 visitors
2022 Exhibitors: 175 exhibitors

Growth Rate

Year-on-year growth of approximately 10% in attendance and exhibitors.

95% of attendees rated the show as excellent or very good.



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